Jensen Signs Shines in the Snowstorm: A Testimonial of Exceptional Customer Service

Jan 23, 2024 | News

Amidst the unexpected challenges of Vancouver’s recent snowstorm, Jensen Signs received a heartfelt testimonial indirectly from Tanja, our valued client who commissioned the signage. The commendation came from a Cloverley neighbor, emphasizing the exceptional service provided under adverse weather conditions.

Tanja’s neighbor expressed gratitude for our team’s quick and visible addition of banners to the signs on Kennard and Hendry during the snowstorm. The testimonial reads, “Please pass on our thanks to the SD staff who, despite the snow, so quickly and visibly added these banners to the signs on Kennard and Hendry. It was very impressive and much appreciated.”

The significance of this praise lies in the extraordinary circumstances. Vancouver faced over 30cm of snow, disrupting normal operations and forcing the rescheduling of the Cloverley Public Information meeting. Despite these challenges, our team demonstrated unwavering commitment, ensuring that crucial messages were effectively communicated.

This testimonial underscores Jensen Signs’ exceptional customer service, highlighting our ability to deliver outstanding results even in the face of unexpected and adverse weather conditions. We extend our sincere thanks to Tanja for her trust in our services and to the Cloverley community for recognizing and appreciating the dedication of the Jensen Signs team. Your words inspire us to continue delivering exceptional service and making a positive impact in the communities we serve, especially when the circumstances are anything but ordinary.



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