Going Above and Beyond: A Customer’s Journey to the Perfect Boat Decal

Apr 23, 2024 | News

At Jensen Signs, we believe that excellent customer service transcends mere responses—it involves actively engaging with our clients’ visions to bring their ideas to life. A recent interaction between one of our valued clients, Dorrie, and our dedicated team member, Emma, beautifully illustrates this philosophy.

Crafting a Personal Connection

When Dorrie reached out to us for decals for her new boat, she was looking for more than just a supplier; she needed a creative partner. Unlike the standard professional approach she had experienced elsewhere, Emma’s response stood out. Dorrie noted, “Emma took an interest in what I was doing and took the time to create a sample of what she thought might work with the lettering and image I had chosen.” This proactive approach marked the beginning of a collaborative and fruitful relationship.

The Journey of Selection

Selecting the perfect elements for a boat decal involves meticulous attention to aesthetics, including the style of lettering and the exact shade of color. Dorrie describes their collaboration as a “long journey of fooling around picking lettering and the precise colour to work with the image.” Emma’s engagement was crucial in securing Dorrie’s trust and excitement about the project.

Their exploratory process paid off when Dorrie visited our workshop. “Of all the reds I could have chosen, she had chosen the exactly the one I would have picked,” Dorrie recounted, highlighting Emma’s keen understanding and dedication to meeting her preferences.

More Than Just Business

Emma’s professionalism extended beyond emails and samples. Meeting her in person was a delight for Dorrie, confirming that the personal touch in our service makes a significant impact. “As you know she is lovely to deal with in person too,” said Dorrie, appreciating Emma’s friendly and engaging manner.

Conclusion: Our Promise to You

Dorrie’s story with Jensen Signs isn’t unique but a standard we strive to achieve with every client interaction. Whether it’s a small personal project or a large-scale branding endeavor, our team is committed to providing expert guidance, engaging deeply with your ideas, and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

At Jensen Signs, your vision is our blueprint. We invite you to bring your ideas to our table and, like Dorrie, watch them come alive with a team that truly cares.

We’re not just making signs; we’re crafting experiences. Visit us at our North Vancouver location or start your journey online at JensenSigns.com.



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