From Vision to Reality: Jensen Signs and PROTECH Installations Illuminate North Vancouver

Jan 23, 2024 | News

Jensen Signs is excited to share a thrilling collaboration with PROTECH Installations, a branch of PROTECH Welding Ltd., in crafting exceptional exterior and interior signage for their newly acquired secondary shop in North Vancouver, dedicated to installation and purchasing.

Under the visionary leadership of Ryan, the owner of PROTECH Welding, the project has taken a unique turn inspired by the building’s cinematic history, particularly the film TRON Legacy. With Ryan’s vision guiding the way, Jensen Signs has designed a striking sign package that seamlessly blends industrial aesthetics with futuristic elements, bringing a touch of cinematic magic to North Vancouver.

Utilizing aluminum and aluminum composite substrates ensures not only durability but also a long-lasting visibility that will make a lasting impact on passersby. As part of this innovative design, we are also introducing a double-sided Polyknit fabric flag, creatively utilizing an existing flag pole on-site.

The proof of concept pictures we’ve generated is nothing short of amazing. They provide a sneak peek into the fusion of past and future that this collaboration embodies. Ryan’s vision is vividly captured in these images, showcasing the transformative power of inspired signage.

This collaboration signifies our dedication to turning visions into reality, creating signage that not only meets operational needs but also reflects the essence of the business. Stay tuned for further updates and an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes process as we move closer to illuminating North Vancouver with this remarkable TRON Legacy-inspired signage. The journey from vision to reality has never looked so promising!



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