Decal Installation:
Center Hinge

 Be sure that the surface is cleaned before applying graphics.  A mildly soapy water solution may be used to clean the surface.  For better results, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl/isopropanol) can be used additionally.  Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners, as this can cause long term issues with the film and adhesive.

Step 1

Tape marking into position with small pieces of masking tape.

Step 2

Apply 1-2 inch (2.5-5.1 cm) tape hinge through the center of marking, either vertically or horizontally.

Note: It is recommended that the masking tape be placed perpendicular to the long dimension of the marking.

Step 3

Fold half of marking back over hinge, peel liner off marking to tape hinge, cut liner along hinge and discard.

Step 4

Fold back and squeegee marking to surface beginning at center of tape hinge and working outward and away from the hinge, using firm overlapping strokes. Hold marking away from surface with one hand and allow adhesive to touch only as pressure is applied.

Step 5

Remove tape hinge.

Step 6

Remove carrier paper by starting in one corner and pulling it off slowly at 180 degrees to the lettering you have just applied.

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